Battery cache wipe samsung galaxy s3

Find out about how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S3 I am trying to perform this cache clear due to battery issues and charging issues.
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If you don't care about the data. Oct 3, 5: Yeah, I don't care about losing everything.

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This is a replacement from just a couple of months ago. Probably refurbished. Can't wait to have to set this one all up again. Nov 20, I performed the above cache wipe and everything seemed to go fine until reboot. Nov 20, 1: Well, it's not on the 4G LTE screen anymore. It has turned itself off and I cannot turn back on. Nov 24, 6: It's me again. I am having problems with slow charging now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery is draining quickly – solution

Not the battery or the cable. The phone won't do the above so I have been reading about apps that clear the cache. Do they work? Which one is best? Any thoughts or help is appreciated.

Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S III

I really do not want to do a warranty replacement again. My old one would do this at times but then it would straighten up again. I'm trying to wait because I want the new model that's coming out in March or April. Thanks in advance!

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Mar 16, 6: There is this update that keeps appearing on my phone every 3 days. Every time I update it, it tells me that there is an error with the cache, even after I wipe it. Then it tells me that the installation is aborted. I need some help please! Mar 16, 7: Jun 13, 4: Feb 1, SGS3 Firmeware Flash downlaod mode: Do not turn off taget. Sep 8, 4: I just followed these instructions for my Galaxy S3.

As they seem to work, I'll be saving them in case I should need them again. If this is the case and you have not identified a defect of the battery with the following procedures, then we would like to show you a way how to solve the problem with the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery. For this purpose, you must perform on the Samsung Galaxy S3 a so-called Wipe cache partition.

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  • Clear App Cache.

This procedure deletes temporary system files that are no longer needed. These files usually leads to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery runs down quickly. By performing a wipe cache partition NO personal data such as images, videos, music, news, etc. This method is therefore very safe and brings in most cases a very good success for reducing the battery drain.

Wait until the device is completly turned off.

Reboot the Device

Now you have to press the following keys to turn on the device again:. Now mark the entry "Wipe cache partition" with the volume down key. This usually takes only a few seconds. Then the previously displayed menu appears again. Now select the first entry with "Reboot system now" and run the command again with pressing the power button the power button. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 will now reboot. The battery draining of your Samsung Galaxy S3 should now be reduced and you do not need to recharge the device so frequently.

Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Clear and Wipe Cache Partition

If this does not help, then you may have to buy a new battery. Our recommendoation: The above solution worked perfectly!!! Follow these steps…. Your phone will take a little time booting up after the cache partition is wiped off of its contents as it will rebuild or recreate those caches. So, wait for your Galaxy S9 to become active. I hope that this post can help you one way or another.

How to clear the system cache on the Galaxy S3:

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