Application variables in c#

May 22, Using of Application is absolutely like using Session. But this value are shared for all users. Update in void Application_Start(object sender.
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Last post Nov 14, Nov 14, VB page. For some reason, I can get the Session variables via the HttpContext but for the life of me, I can't get the Application variables.

ASP.NET - Managing State

When I do add the. ToString method at the end, I get the classic error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. It's probably just something simple, but my brain is wrapped around the axle. It was throwing that error because..

SInce you are trying to convert a null variable into string.. Application["FolderLocation"] is null or not. It turns out I was definitely wrapped-around-the-axle. I just needed some time away from the monitor to clear my head. Still, I very much appreciate all your responses. Global Variables Example - Dot Net Perls

But where can i store the details of the users? Can i store the details in global. How to know which user is logged in at the moment?

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Difference between Application and session variable

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