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NaziZombies free- all latest and older versions( ) apk available. Android App by GuyFarting Free. Call of Duty®: Heroes apk.
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WWII is a historical first-person shooter that sees the Call of Duty series return to its roots by putting you into the role of a young American infantryman living through the fiercest battles of the Second World War. Other characters will include not just soldiers but resistance fighters and even civilians. The Call of Duty series has always prided itself on its level of detail and historical accuracy, and Call of Duty: WWII is no exception. Unlike many shooters, the game doesn't include regenerating health. If you get too badly wounded, you'll have to find your squad's medic and get patched up, possibly costing you progress.

Similarly, ammunition isn't as plentiful as in many other shooters, so make every bullet count. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game also features multiplayer battles, which include both competitive games with story-based asymmetric missions and a co-op mode. In the co-operative game, you'll fight alongside your friends against computer-controlled opponents including the ever-popular Nazi zombies.

All in all, this is a promising return to a classic era for a franchise known recently for modern and sci-fi gaming. Download Call of Duty: Zombies, the original mobile zombie warfare experience available on both iPhone and iPad. This game is addictive until you die and then you feel dead for the rest of the day.

But yes, if you want a great, addictive game that you can bring everywhere, then buy this.

Nazi Zombies [ALPHA] 1.5 Update

Very well worth it. Just got round 23 on kino. Also by the way, it comes with dead ops arcade, ascension, and call of the dead. Dead ops arcade is a console and pc Easter egg usually and call of the dead and ascension are DLC maps that cost money. So you get all this for 5. Once again, seriously consider this great mobile game.

I personally like the call of duty series and this game makes a very ambitious jump for the full zombies experience. My wish is that the automatic fire on the machine guns would be more respondant, and that there would be more time in between rounds, but other than that, this is a great game! The graphics are something to be desired, but still good.

Call of Duty World at War: Zombies iPhone

The gameplay is fine and I like it, but one other annoyance is that the characters say the same things over and over again. And while I personally wanted "Five" and moon, the maps that you guys gave us are great. Thank you Activision for making this game and I hope the new maps are on the way. This game is amazing to play, if at first. Most weapons, perks, knives, etc. But the excitement starts to wane as you realize that, even over its multiple years of updates, tune-ups, and formatting, nothing major has been added to this game. No new maps, no new character lines, no new weapons not even for BO3 promotion , nothing.

After playing a few matches of each map, the novelty of playing zombies on mobile starts to wane as you long for Five, Shangri-La, and Moon.

Call of Duty World at War: Zombies - Download for iPhone Free

Fine as is, but no more than three stars until more care is taken of this ingenious addition to the App Store. Really love how much detail you put on the gore and maps.

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  4. Pretty great and fun to kill zombies, and also, you can continue where you left off anytime you want as long you don't switch to any maps in New Game, which is great cuz I don't want to be playing long to survive the longest. But, the app has a few downsides, there are only 3 maps and 1 arcade game to play.